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Industrial Systems2023-04-04T14:23:06+02:00

Secure Industry 4.0 – Smart Manufacturing and Just-In-Time Supply Chain Models

asvin BeeHive IoT patch management for continuous and secure IIoT in production

The scaling of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) presents both enormous opportunities and a myriad of challenges. Among the challenges related to smart manufacturing and smart production are organising remote maintenance for IIoT assets with the proviso of continuous production and the reliable functionality of smart assets and the cyber safekeeping of systems.



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Rob`s Ressources No.5: The true test of AI

Our desire for transformation makes us vulnerable to the uncritical use or rejection of AI. But beware of AIs that morph into application-friendly mechanical Turks for the benefit of their providers! Can AI blush? Only then can we speak of a knowledge of a vulnerable self. Confusing? No AI understanding has fallen from the sky yet. Take your time with it. But take it. Because if you don't, the AI will take it from you.

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