Software Supply Chain Security:
Regulatory Compliance for the Automotive Industry Through Software Supply Chain Traceability

Addressing UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434 Cybersecurity Standardization

In just over one hundred years vehicles have evolved from relatively simple to operate hard goods to highly complex software platforms within a physical framework. As a result, the automotive industry faces enormous challenges in managing and monitoring the supporting technologies, ensuring safety, providing cybersecurity, and meeting broad-sweeping regulatory compliance. The complexity of modern automotive systems demands the ability to ensure real-time, of-the-moment updates and the ability to parse software, firmware, and updates for verification across the entire supply chain and its lifecycles.

asvin cybersecurity management system contributes solutions to fulfill regulatory requirements of UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434

  • Identification of software related to type approval
  • Record software versions related to vehicle types
  • Verify that software versions installed and running on a component are valid
  • Identify interdependencies on OTA software updates and patches
  • Track vehicle software status and verify their compatibility on OTA updates and patches
  • Analytics of data records to assess if OTA software updates and patches are affecting type approval or legally compliance
  • Resilient and immutable documentation of all software supply chain related processes


In this White Paper:

  • The impact of global regulation and standards on automotive OTA update procedures
  • Protocols for the implementation of cybersecurity-compliant OTA updates
  • Manage the security of the software supply chain for connected elements in vehicles
  • Track and trace entire vehicles’ software and hardware distribution lifecycle
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