Security and Trust

by Context

by Context

Maintain resilience in OT environments, critical or security-relevant iIoT applications, and software supply chains.

asvin cybersecurity tools and solutions help you analyze and prevent risk, ensure regulatory cybersecurity compliance,
andtrack software supply chains.

Know where to go with Risk-By-Context analytics

Set the right priorities, find your
starting point and fix the most
important areas first.

With Eagle Eye, you no longer have to focus on CVE scores alone. All factors relevant to your OT environment, such as network topology, inheritance risk, and business or production criticality, are included in the graph-based analysis, making it easier for you to prioritize your cybersecurity tasks via the calculated risk-by-context score.

Too many to handle!

The number of reported vulnerabilities
increases from year to year.
Trying to fix or patch all vulnerabilities
contained in one’s own OT environment
becomes a Sisyphean task.
– That’s why we put CVEs in the right
context, so that you can fix and prioritize
the critical problems without stress.

The key areas of our software solutions

Novel graph-based risk
modeling to optimize
and focus investment and actions to
cybersecure industrial
production and products

Industrial Cybersecurity
Management Systems
and Risk Management

Ready to run tools
to fulfill regulation
(NIS 2.0, CRA, UN ECE)
by monitoring
supply chain security and
Software Bill of Material

Collaboration partners
and associations

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