The Disposable Identity for Access Control (DIAC) project has reached halfway on its 12 months journey. We have designed the technical architecture of the disposable identity generation and validation leveraging blockchain. Milestone M6 was achieved successfully and mid-term report of the project was submitted to SecurIT project on 28th February.

Midterm Report

The Midterm report was prepared in specified format and submitted before the deadline. Both consortium partners, asvin and OdniS, contributed in the report. With the report submission, we have completed completed M3: Architecture operational description and M6: Mid term report without any deviations. The report contained description of technical components of DID framework, milestones, dissemination activities, key performance indicators, exploitation and demonstration.

Next Steps

By M6 individual components have been developed. From M7, we will start integrating all components and test them. We will perform end to end testing DID generation and validation flow. It will be performed both at asvin and OdinS facility. We will receive the Access Control Terminal hardware from Odins and will integrate mobile application with DID platform. Furthermore,  dissemination and communication activities will be performed.