asvin technology makes it easy to implement the new cybersecurity requirements imposed by NIS2

Let’s go easy for cybersecurity

The general overview

On January 16, 2023, the NIS2 regulation for EU-wide cybersecurity will come into effect. By October 17, 2024, all member states must have transposed the directive into applicable law. The scope will be increased from the six traditional CRITIS sectors to seven, with a further eleven sectors, for example postal and courier services, waste management and manufacturing, as well as medical devices, mechanical engineering, online marketplaces and even research institutions. From October of next year, they will all be subject to an EU-wide obligation to report incidents, especially those in the software supply chain. Violations can then be punished with a fine of up to ten million euros or two percent of global annual sales.

Why timely action is important

Supervisory bodies are given comprehensive powers such as on-site inspections, spot checks or regular security audits. Publications of warnings, issuance of binding instructions or fines can be used as leverage. In the event of serious violations, authorities can temporarily suspend managers of the facilities concerned from their duties. There are also additional costs for NIS2 readiness. According to research by Dennis-Kenji Kipker, professor of IT security law in Bremen, Germany, institutions covered by the new directive can expect to increase their cybersecurity budgets by about 22 percent. Companies that have already taken compliance measures due to NIS-1 would only have to estimate a cost increase of around twelve percent.

How asvin helps with implementation

By focusing on the software supply chain, the number of devices or software components that need to be documented, kept updateable and operated in a monitorable manner will increase enormously. We specialize in securely locating, identifying, assigning and reliably securing an unlimited number of such items. With our solutions for Cybersecurity Management (CSMS) and Secure Update Management (SUMS) we can reliably realize Cybersecurity as a service and thus NIS2 compliance.

This blog post is your first step. Our solution experts will be happy to give you a bigger picture. Or we start together with you and according to your specific requirements directly the first implementation measures. It´s up to you; just contact us!