Features and Benefits

asvin update Platform is asvin’s secure online dashboard which provides access to the asvin toolkit and the platform.   

asvin secure update solution offers network administrators security status for registered IoT devices, patches and rollouts with an isolation provision for device operations. Real-time access and revocation allows for the seamless collaboration of teams and sub-groups to administer specific administrative tasks.

asvin IoT device Management provides a secure, intuitive online interface for teams managing IoT device fleet security.

IoT Update Distribution

IoT device Management is asvin’s advanced rollout management service, Platform as a Service, built on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  

asvin IoT update Distribution is designed to simultaneously manage the security of single or fleet IoT devices. Over the Air delivery of updates scheduled for distribution during predefined maintenance windows or imminent risk security patches based upon predefined device group priorities and onion ring principles to ensure the integrity of the software supply chain. 

asvin secure update solution fully-vetted software supply chain security management mitigates cyber-risk associated with gaps in security updates. Provides distribution to ensure Zero Trust thresholds with easily understood calculable costs. 

IoT Fingerprinting

asvin IoT update Management provides the tools and technical security mechanisms to identify IoT devices and bind IoT devices to a dynamic trust model.

asvin secure update Distribution identifies the individual hardware fingerprints (physical unclonable functions) to create a unique, tamper-proof ID for each IoT device. The novel (patent-pending) dynamic trust service continuously gathers inherent device characteristics, evaluates them and generates a companion trust score. 

asvin secure update Solution enables IoT operators and network administrators to define access to specific devices on their network. Access rights can be adjusted as a result of the individual dynamic trust score information of each device so that low trust score devices, along with their data, can be isolated from organisation networks. Mitigates cyber-risk and increases data cybersecurity to ensure operational integrity.

IoT Trust Log History

asvin IoT device Management provides an all-inclusive history for the entire software supply chain ecosystem including firmware.  

identifies the software, its origins and subsequent versions, and the dates related to specific configurations which have been distributed and installed on any registered device. asvin update Distribution generates a chain of security using an InterPlanetary File System to store, manage and subsequently deliver the patches. The traceability offered by Hyperledger Fabric and Besu blockchains offers all-event transparency for specific IoT devices along with their associated software and firmware via a peer-to-peer distributed private network within a resilient and immutable distributed ledger.

asvin update Distribution ensures regulatory and compliance as defined by UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434 while providing an immutable history record for forensic and risk analytics.  

IoT Device Monitoring

asvin IoT update Distribution provides automated security status monitoring tools for registered, operational IoT devices. 

asvin IoT device Management identifies and assesses all security anomalies, vulnerabilities and recognised exceptions whereby analytics control security threats by triggering alarms to notify assigned system administrators and commence defined processes.  

asvin IoT Device Monitoring real time cyber-security risk mitigation for IIoT devices and their functions to ensure operational continuity.