Risk by Context™

Unveil the unseen

Level Up your OT Cyber Risk Management 
by leveraging next-level AI, graph analytics,
and classical topology theory for
an in-depth risk management strategy.

Why is a comprehensive cyber risk management solution essential?

Companies in manufacturing and critical infrastructure face complex cybersecurity challenges.
Risk prevention requires significant investment, but it’s crucial to allocate resources effectively.
Risk by Context™ provides a complete overview transcending departmental boundaries.

Our methods enable quick decision-making, timely responses to threats, and cost-effective allocation of resources for maximum value from cybersecurity investments.

Prioritizing cyber risks with precision, ensures timely responses and maximizes efficiency, streamlining resource allocation. It includes known and unknown risks in the prioritization process, providing practical risk mitigation recommendations for an in-depth risk management strategy.

Dr. Raphael Yahalom | Cyber-Risk Strategy Officer (CSO)

What are the benefits of using Risk by Context™ for an organization?

Our clients benefit from advanced cybersecurity decisions, achieved through enhanced prioritization capabilities and methods – enabling them to rise above potential threats or minimize less critical ones

  • Prioritize Investments and simplify decisions

  • Bridge IT/OT gaps and overcome division silos

  • Speed up risk reduction despite of limited manpower and ressources

  • Deal with the rising demand of regulatory compliance

  • Risk context modeling in information blackbox situation

We tackle your industry’s challenges

Discover how our solutions provide security and protection for your business and valuable assets. Our services include not only risk management, but also Device Update Management, Enterprise Engineering Support, Compliance Regulatory Readiness Consulting, and seamless deployment services.

Think of cyber risks as part of your general business risks

Our AI-powered solution utilizes a variety of existing cybersecurity metrics, network and asset data, as well as other crucial business data to create the RBC Index. By analyzing your digital infrastructure and its dependencies, you can accurately evaluate the risks associated with your business and make informed decisions to safeguard against potential threats.

Get the big picture in seconds

The graph visualization displays the risk level of every location, along with their interconnections.
Your most critical locations to watch are displayed on info cards for quick access to deeper levels.

Initial dashboard shows whole organization

Sample Dashboard of a specific Location

Explore further and discover where to head.

At the location level, you can easily view all network segments and their risk status, so the responsible parties can know what requires attention.

Go into detail and find the root cause

At the segment level, you get detailed insights into each individual asset, their connections to each other, and the rating of the individual context elements. These insights are used to create the Risk by Context Index.

Sample Dashboard of a specific Networksegment inside a Location

Gather further helpful information on cyber risk management

Take a deep dive into next level cybersecurity

Get a guided demo of Risk by Context™ to see how it can transform your cyber risk management.