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Protect Your Critical Infrastructure with Confidence

As a cybersecurity manager in a critical infrastructure company, you know the importance of safeguarding essential services from cyber threats. That’s why you need a reliable cybersecurity partner that understands the unique challenges you face.

Our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions are designed to address the most pressing issues in critical infrastructure with a responsible approach. We understand that protecting operational technology (OT) systems, mitigating nation-state cyber threats, detecting and preventing insider threats, securing legacy systems and infrastructure, managing supply chain risks, fostering cybersecurity awareness and workforce skills, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, and enabling efficient incident response and recovery are paramount to your organization’s security and resilience.

Secure your critical infrastructure with and gain peace of mind knowing that your organization’s cybersecurity needs are in capable hands. Contact us now to learn more and schedule a consultation!

asvin`s Cybersecurity Tools for Critical Infrastructure

Eagle Eye

Manage, analyze and prioritize threats and risks according to the risk-by-context principle

Ant Street

Simply manage your
Assets/Fleet and
OTA Updates

Paw Print

Handling and evaluation
Software Bills of Material (SBOM)

Track Hound

Track the History of your CI/CD Pipelines along the  Software Supplychain


In critical infrastructure, which includes sectors such as energy, transportation, healthcare, water and wastewater, communications, and finance, cybersecurity must responsibly address several pressing issues to ensure the security and resilience of these essential services. Some of the most critical cybersecurity issues in critical infrastructure that must be addressed responsibly are: