Ensure cybersecurity and protection for businesses and their valuable data

We chose the name asvin to embody symbolic significance of the asvin Twins. We provide cybersecurity and protection for businesses and their valuable data, like the divine twins in hindu mythology are supporting people during tough times.

Just as the gods of mythology once exclusively governed human lives,
in contemporary society we are ruled by technology.
IoT and IIoT digital assets functioning properly and free
cybersecurity risks in our connected world is asvin’s core business.
asvin’s multiple,
award-winning solutions ensure connected products and their networks are trustworthy and remain secure throughout their lifecycles

Mirko Ross | Co-Founder & CEO

Our core DNA

We introduce groundbreaking approaches to break existing data silos and challenge conventional perspectives on cybersecurity.
As specialists in Factory Automation, Automotive OT, Critical Infrastructure, and Government, we’re committed to keeping your business safe and secure.
Research is the basic building block of our DNA, and a guiding force toward constant evolution. Each Project at asvin labs  is a spark that ignites the flame of innovation, fueling our drive towards further product development.

We empower our clients with cyber risk management, device update management, enterprise engineering support, compliance regulatory readiness consulting and seamless implementation services.

OT Cybersecurity Riskmanagement

Risk by Context™
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s OT cyberrisks and their interconnectedness to prioritize cybersecurity investments and mitigation efforts.

Software lifecycle managementent

Device Security Booster™
Fulfill the regulatory requirements on implementing security by design on connected devices, cybersecurity management, serving patches and updates.

OT cybersecurity assessment

Professional Services
Get guidance on the setup of cybersecurity management systems and ensure that the implementation of asvin’s products goes quickly, everything runs smoothly and regulatory compliant for a long times.


“Ensure cybersecurity and protection for businesses and their valuable assets.”

  • We act proactively in the digital world,
    develop innovative solutions, and care for the robustness and resilience of our clients’ digital infrastructure

  • We help our customers prepare against potential
    risks and secure their operational infrastructure and products

  • We create trust, security, and resilience in the digital realm,
    serving as a reliable pillar for businesses


“asvin’s stand at the global forefront of next-generation cybersecurity, driven by the power of our innovation, ai and graph-based Risk analytics method.”

  • Becoming a global leader, in Cybersecurity risk analytics and management for our target industries.
  • Writing a success story for cybersecurity from Europe for Europe and the whole world
  • Achieving sustainable growth and success


“With a proactive approach, we provide predictive solutions to ensure our clients’ systems and devices’ health and resilience, establishing trust, security, and resilience throughout the software lifecycle.

  • We are committed on pushing the boundaries of cybersecurity

  • The implications of our approach are profound and demonstrable

  • We collaborate with partners and contribute our knowledge
    to national, European, and international projects and organizations