Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Protect your production with asvin industrial cybersecurity solutions and manage & prioritize cyber risks in your operating technology.
Safeguard your connected devices throughout their lifecycle and prioritize your investments in risk reduction.

What Security Risks Await in the Factory Automation Cyber Landscape?

In the Industry 4.0 era, ensuring the OT security of your manufacturing operations during digital transformation is crucial. With many industrial plants installed before cybersecurity became a priority, vulnerability to external threats has heightened. As manufacturing processes grow more interconnected, the risk of cyber breaches increases, especially with outdated systems lacking modern security features. Unlike IT systems, OT environments pose unique challenges where applying patches can disrupt operational assets or require waiting until the next maintenance cycle to minimize disruptions.

What can asvin do to help me secure my assets and avoid downtime?

OT Cybersecurity Riskmanagement

Risk by Context™
Gain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s OT cyberrisks and their interconnectedness to prioritize cybersecurity investments and mitigation efforts.

Software lifecycle managementent

Device Security Booster™
Fulfill the regulatory requirements on implementing security by design on connected devices, cybersecurity management, serving patches and updates.

OT cybersecurity assessment

Professional Services
Get guidance on the setup of cybersecurity management systems and ensure that the implementation of asvin’s products goes quickly, everything runs smoothly and regulatory compliant for a long times.

What ´s the current state of OT and IoT cybersecurity in manufacturing industry?

Attacks on production and automation IT, production systems, products in the market, and after-sales processes are common gateways for cyber attacks. They are as vulnerable as office networks and email accounts. So, it is crucial to take necessary precautions to prevent such attacks.

ENISA reports that the majority of cybersecurity investments in the manufacturing industry are directed towards three primary security domains.

  • vulnerability management and security analytics
  • governance, risk and compliance
  • network security

Today, 73% CSF audits standard Questions relate to the existence of control, not their performance

ENISA Report |NIS Investments

Simply having cybersecurity framework controls or tooling does not imply high cybersecurity maturity; their effectiveness and performance should be used to evaluate an organization’s cybersecurity maturity.

In IT, the three main security objectives are Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA). In OT, Availability takes precedence over Integrity and Confidentiality (AIC). It’s crucial to balance IT and OT security to ensure a successful security strategy that meets specific requirements and priorities.

To ensure a successful security strategy that does not hinder the business needs, it’s essential to strike the right balance between IT and OT security. Both approaches should be implemented according to specific requirements and priorities.

Take a deep dive into next level OT and IoT cybersecurity

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