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Take advantage of our experts‘ knowledge: Our Whitepapers are provideing  in-depth information about trust, over-the-air updates and lifecycle management for smart applications in Internet of Things.

RISK BY CONTEXT [RBC]: New methods for assessing and prioritizing cyber risks in dynamic and complex systems.

  • Introduces “Risk by Context” method for assessing cyber risks in OT systems
  • Addresses limitations of current vulnerability-based risk detection systems
  • Considers operational and cybersecurity factors for accurate risk assessment
  • Incorporates unknown risks like zero-day exploits and firmware states
  • Enables risk state simulation and prediction for effective risk management in OT systems.

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Eagle Eye: Enhanced Cybersecurity with Risk-By-Context | Onepager

  • Simplify risk prioritization: Fix vulnerabilities based on contextual importance.
  • Context-driven decision-making: Switch from CVE Scores to Risk-By-Context for accurate risk assessment.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity and resilience: Enhance your security posture.
  • Streamline SOC operations: Reduce workload for SOC units with a clear vulnerability management roadmap.
  • Actionable insights at a glance: Gain visibility into critical network segments and assets.
  • Personalized solutions: Tailor our offerings to your specific challenges and requirements.

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Distributed Software Bill of Material (D-SBOM) Whitepaper

• Brief history and current development of cyberattacks

• D-SBOM Solution and Architecture

• Track and Trace Software in Supply Chain

• Vulnerability scan and CVE Comparison

• OTA Platform

• Benefits of d-SBOM Solution

• Overview of the latest legal regulations for various industries

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DXC, Luxoft, Exelfore & asvin Whitepaper

• OEMs gaining ownership of software IP and software supply ecosystems

• From software supply chain to software supply ecosystem for the software defined vehicle

• From chain to ecosystem

• Specific industry challenges,
risks and their solution

• Best practice setting to solve the challenges

• Key takeaways

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Technical Whitepaper

  • Summarize all important information about asvin secure trust layer and update solution
  • Guideance for IoT vendors, operators and developers to secure products during lifecycle.

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Automotive Whitepaper:

  • The impact of global regulation and standards on automotive OTA update procedures
  • Protocols for the implementation of cybersecurity-compliant OTA updates
  • Manage the security of the software supply chain for connected elements in vehicles
  • Track and trace entire vehicles’ software and hardware distribution lifecycle

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