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RISK BY CONTEXT [RBC]: Graph-based risk analysis according to the requirements of the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act.

Risk-by-Context, developed by asvin in collaboration with renowned MIT, is a pioneering solution for capturing, weighting and prioritizing risks according to supply chain due diligence requirements. Given the enormous amount of data that needs to be analyzed, RBC proves to be an ideal solution.

This innovative platform enables companies to efficiently analyze and assess risks in real time.

Through advanced algorithms and practical approaches, asvin helps companies identify their supply chain risks and take appropriate action.

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RISK BY CONTEXT [RBC]: New methods for assessing and prioritizing cyber risks in dynamic and complex systems.

  • Introduces “Risk by Context” method for assessing cyber risks in OT systems
  • Addresses limitations of current vulnerability-based risk detection systems
  • Considers operational and cybersecurity factors for accurate risk assessment
  • Incorporates unknown risks like zero-day exploits and firmware states
  • Enables risk state simulation and prediction for effective risk management in OT systems.

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Enhanced Cybersecurity with Risk-By-Context | Onepager

  • Simplify risk prioritization: Fix vulnerabilities based on contextual importance.
  • Context-driven decision-making: Switch from CVE Scores to Risk-By-Context for accurate risk assessment.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity and resilience: Enhance your security posture.
  • Streamline SOC operations: Reduce workload for SOC units with a clear vulnerability management roadmap.
  • Actionable insights at a glance: Gain visibility into critical network segments and assets.
  • Personalized solutions: Tailor our offerings to your specific challenges and requirements.

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Full lifecycle update management for IoT devices with Device Security Booster™ | Onepager 

  • Become regulatory compliant
  • Safeguard your products throughout their entire life cycle
  • Plan patch and update rollouts with ease
  • Reduced risks with optimized operating costs for huge IoT fleets

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Distributed Software Bill of Material (D-SBOM) Whitepaper

• Brief history and current development of cyberattacks

• D-SBOM Solution and Architecture

• Track and Trace Software in Supply Chain

• Vulnerability scan and CVE Comparison

• OTA Platform

• Benefits of d-SBOM Solution

• Overview of the latest legal regulations for various industries

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DXC, Luxoft, Exelfore & asvin Whitepaper

• OEMs gaining ownership of software IP and software supply ecosystems

• From software supply chain to software supply ecosystem for the software defined vehicle

• From chain to ecosystem

• Specific industry challenges,
risks and their solution

• Best practice setting to solve the challenges

• Key takeaways

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Technical Whitepaper

  • Summarize all important information about asvin secure trust layer and update solution
  • Guideance for IoT vendors, operators and developers to secure products during lifecycle.

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Automotive Whitepaper:

  • The impact of global regulation and standards on automotive OTA update procedures
  • Protocols for the implementation of cybersecurity-compliant OTA updates
  • Manage the security of the software supply chain for connected elements in vehicles
  • Track and trace entire vehicles’ software and hardware distribution lifecycle

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