All you need to track and trace the integrity and provenance of software supply chains and get regulatory compliance

IoT is a Hot Mess

IoT devices are a critical component of our connected world, but IoT devices are equally vulnerable as they are useful. Cyberattacks are scaling in tandem with the widespread deployment of digital assets. Operating these IIoT devices on a ‘set and forget’ principle, with their default passwords makes IoT devices ‘low hanging fruit’ for hackers with the potential of being taken over by rogue interests and turned into a devastating army of botnets.

With our tools Trackhound, PawPrint, EagleEye and AntStreet you get all the tools you need to secure the entire software supply chain from development towards CI/CD pipelines, to over the air updates tailored to your needs. – All combined in BeeHive a central toolbox.

Keep an eye on risks, threats and match with CVE Librarys

Eagle Eye

asvin’s Eagle Eye renders continuous monitoring of IoT device fleets. Using advanced machine learning analytics (AI) and graphbased risk analyses.
asvin’s Eagle Eye also provides anomaly detection to ensure network and individual registered device integrity.

In the event of a cyber-attack or operational dysfunctionalities, Eagle Eye’s risk management and alarming protocols are triggered and support counteraction including isolation of vulnerable devices.
Eagle Eye ulfills ISO/SAE 21434 industrial cybersecurity standards.


  • Device Attack Monitoring
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Graphbased Riskmanagement
  • CVE matching

Generate imutable Software Build of Material (SBoM)

Paw Print

asvin Paw Print is the home of the distributed Software Bill of Materials (SBoM), asvins unique solution to create immutable SBOMs, regulatory compliant and protexted from manipulation and cyberattacks by distributed ledger technology, all across the software supply chain.


  • Distributed Software Bill of Materials generation (SBoM)
  • Integrity Resilient infrastructure for providing SBOMs
  • Immutable storage of information, protected from manipulation by cyberattacks

Software Supply Chain Tracking and Management

Track Hound

asvin Trackhound brings transparency into the software supply chain. From initial device installation and software deployment, subsequent OTA updates, and security patch distribution to forensic audits.

Track the History of your CI/CD Pipelines along the Software Supplychain.

Trackhound allows developers and architects to increase network security and ensure software integrity.

Track and trace the entire software supply chain and lifecycles of IoT device fleets and assets.


  • Software Supply Chain License and Version Management
  • Software Supply Chain Monitoring
  • Supplier Risk Analytics
  • CS/CD Pipeline history
  • Software Provenance
  • Dependency Management

Simply manage your Assets/Fleet and OTA Updates

Ant Street

asvin Ant Street plan, schedule, and rollout distribution of updates and security pachtes to IoT device fleets via asvin’s cryptographically secure and distributed just-in-time by decentralized technology (DLT).
Updates are cascaded to the right device within predetermined schedules maintenance windows. asvin’s Ant Street supports OTA updates for IoT-specific RF protocols as LoRaWAN, 5G, NB-IoT, WLAN and LAN to name just a few.


  • Update and Patch Distribution
  • Device Management
  • Software Asset Management
  • Device Fleet Management
  • API interface to OTA platforms