Cybersecurity from Baden-Württemberg establishes itself as a successful model.

asvin honored with BW Startup Award

During the Venture Day 2023 on September 14 at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart, cybersecurity provider asvin received the BW Startup Award, which is endowed with 10,000 euros. With its selection from 80 entrants and eight finalists, the jury emphasized the topic of cybersecurity as a central momentum for growth in the digital business. With its unique method for context-based risk analysis, asvin sets a new standard in the IT/OT cybersecurity market segment, which has now advanced to become an important economic factor.

According to, revenue in the cybersecurity market in Germany will be approximately 6.27 billion euros in 2023. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 10.31percent, leading to a projected market volume of 10.24 billion euros in 2028. According to insiders, these forecasts are just the beginning of a new economic phenomenon: cyber awareness. Governments and companies around the world are abandoning their reactive stance in the face of increasingly industrialized cyberattacks. They recognize cyber defense coupled with digital transformation as an investment in competitiveness. Products especially for supply chain security in manufacturing and administrative environments are thus becoming strategically required investment goods.

“We set out to massively leverage our business know-how, technological expertise and research and development skills in precisely this segment. That’s why we are thrilled to receive this award!“, says Mirko Ross, CEO of asvin GmbH. The Startup BW Award, but also asvin’s selection as a participating company in the German delegation to the G20 Summit in India or the order from the Federal Cyber Agency for a cybersecurity mesh architecture prove that cyber solution expertise from the Federal Republic is increasing in relevance. “It is of vital interest to the local economic area that there are digital champions from Europe again,” Ross said, underlining the importance of innovation policy. The potential is there. It is now up to national and European governments to bundle it.

Jury member Maria Pentschev, founder of the Mannheim-based communications combine Schwarzhund, based her decision on asvin’s special expertise in the risk management segment: “asvin GmbH is convincing with its innovative strength in the complex world of cyber security. In contrast to many solutions that focus on known vulnerabilities, asvin stands out for its ability to identify previously unknown risks and vulnerabilities. This forward-thinking approach the potential to position the company as an industry leader in the cybersecurity landscape.” This is also supported by co-juror Lorenz Muschal, Partner Financial Services at Stuttgart-based audit and consulting firm Ebner Stolz: “Cybersecurity is currently more topical than ever. asvin is breaking new ground in this complex field. TECH innovation Made in The Länd. That convinces!”

About asvin:

asvin is a cybersecurity solution provider based in Stuttgart, Germany. With powerful technology, asvin creates predictive solutions that analyze and assess the best possible resilience of devices and systems against cyber attacks. asvin provides risk analysis and software risk management for the supply chain that meets operational and regulatory requirements. For this, asvin uses unique mesh architectures, graph methods and an innovative risk-by-context approach. This enables companies to stay one step ahead of threats, efficiently deploy their resources and optimize their security investments. asvin thus strengthens cyber resilience and protects customer systems throughout their entire lifecycle.

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