asvin provides a secure solution for device management, device monitoring and over-the-air updates of tsenso sensors in the 5G network.

How long is the shelf life of food products? The printed best-before date is often not very meaningful for consumers – it just limits the manufacturer’s liability for the product.
The FreshIndex by tsenso system shows the actual freshness of food products and a determine the real expiry date based on data analytics.

For this analytics service, tsenso equip food packing boxes or pallets with sensors to continuously measure the food batch temperature. The tsenso system calculates a dynamic best-before date based on this temperature data transmitted to a cloud. The real time analytics on the food freshness can then be read out via online services.

asvin was selected to implement a use case scenario with 5G network and DLTs (Distributed Ledger Technology) together with tsenso within the European Blockchers competition. Blockchers is an EU supported innovation competition offering an additional start-up accelerator. It aims to promote the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in small and medium sized enterprises (SME).

For tsenso only secure sensor sources and securly transmitted data can guarantee valid analytics results.

asvin has developed a secure, robust solution to close vulnerabilities of IoT devices via Over The Air (OTA) updates and to keep them secure during lifetime. The security state of devices and all events on updates and patches are recorded in the DLT based history log of the asvin platform protected on manipulation by blockchain smart contracts.

asvin realizes the device management, device monitoring and over-the-air updates of tsenso sensors in a 5G network. The system uses smart contracts (Etherium Blockchain) in the Alastria network to secure the data of tsenso. By this asvin ensures that tsenso can securely configure, manage and monitor the technical setup and status of its sensors “Over The Air” via 5G wireless networks. The application is rolled out together with tsenso and their customers.

With asvin we have an excellent partner for the secure implementation of the tsenso system for 5G networks. This enables us to prepare the tsenso system for the 5G mobile phone standard of the future”, says Matthias Brunner, managing director of tsenso GmbH.