Stuttgart, 16.09.2020. Who is the best IT security start-up in Germany? This question by GFFT leaded to the German Startup Cybersecurity Cup. The winner is asvin, which has been awarded for its solution on securing IoT products over the entire software lifecycle, distributing updates and monitoring IoT security. By this, asvin has won the Champions League for IT security start-ups.

The GFFT (Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Forschungstransfers e.V) connects enterprises with research institutions and innovation by technology providers as startups.
By the “German Startup Cup” GFFT wants to encourage innovative companies pitching their solution by having procedure with preliminary decisions, semi-finals and finals pitches similar to the Football Champions League.

The Stuttgart based start-up asvin had applied in the category IT security and qualified for the final in the semi- final from a selection of best 20 start-ups in Germany and Switzerland. Now asvin has finally received the trophy for the best German IT security start-up.

“We are very pleased that we were able to convince 68 percent of the audience and the jury,” says asvin CEO Mirko Ross. “We would like to thank the GFFT for the organization, but also the jury, the audience and above all our team, which is doing a great job!”

asvin solution and team inspire jury and audience

asvin has developed a secure, reliable solution to fix vulnerabilities of IoT devices via updates and keeping them secure. The asvin software platform is based on decentralized infrastructure and technologies. IoT operators can easily distribute updates and patches for their devices and monitor the state of security. By “Software as a Service” asvin is easy to use, reliable and cost-effective. With asvin update rollout can be managed, as well ad hoc emergency patches in case of a security or liability incidents. Smart contracts ensure that attacks on IoT devices by cybercriminals can be detected and cut off.