Clarissa is an enrichment to asvin with her knowledge and experience in the field of b2b corporate communications and thought leadership. 

Clarissa Haller joined our board in 2022. Read more about it in the interview:

  1. How long have you been an advisory board member at asvin?

I have been on the board since mid-2022 and have been supporting asvin, especially in the areas of communication and reputation. I know Mirko from my time at Siemens as a thought leader for IOT and cybersecurity. He is an equally knowledgeable and inspiring source of inspiration, not only in his field, but also as a personality and entrepreneur.

  1. Why asvin, what does this company have in terms of unique selling points or esprit?

asvin is one of the few and, in my opinion, the most interesting provider in the extremely promising segment of software supply chain security and context-based risk analysis. The founders and their team convey very credibly that they understand the requirements of globally networked information management well and know their vulnerabilities very well, especially in OT environments (OT = Operational Technology). Cybersecurity is a highly sensitive application segment anyway and, in my view, one of the great technological challenges in view of constantly increasing data volumes and growing complexity.

  1. What appeals to you about this collaboration?

The asvin team not only has the deep technological expertise, but also the ability to present the complex subject matter in a clear and understandable way. This is not self-evident, but it is crucial in order to raise awareness for this important topic. I am also impressed by the high level of ambition, the enthusiasm of the whole team and the responsible and reflective culture that characterises the company’s image.

  1. What have been your own career highlights so far?

My career as a global communications manager at companies such as Siemens, ABB and Credit Suisse has always been characterised by revolutionary change and transformation processes. Digitalisation has not only turned almost all industries upside down, but also the way people communicate and consume content. At the same time, the role that companies play for society has changed dramatically. Today, companies are expected to take responsibility and show attitude beyond their own business. It is exciting and fulfilling to solve these issues with my clients today from a strategic consulting perspective.