As’vin” (sankskrit) is the name of the divine twins, the healer of gods in Hindu mythology.
The spirit of these twins is embedded into the core mission of asvin.


Healing the Internet of Things from lack of trust, security flaws and vulnerabilities by providing blockchain and AI secured services for trusted monitoring and update managing of device software lifecycles.Mirko Ross, Co-Founder & CEO

Strength of the Company and Team

asvin has a highly committed and experienced team of business developers, IoT Cybersecurity-Experts and excellent minds in embedded and distributed ledger technologies. The managing team is supported by a high-level advisory board.

Target Markets

asvin wants to become the global Leading for providing trust and security in IoT software lifecycles, targeting a strong growing global market need for 125bn IoT devices in year 2025. Initial asvin is focusing on serving costumers in industry, mobility and infrastructures.


Awarded Cyber Security Solution