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IoT is a Hot Mess

IoT devices are a critical component of our connected world, but IoT devices are equally vulnerable as they are useful. Cyberattacks are scaling in tandem with the widespread deployment of digital assets. Operating these IIoT devices on a ‘set and forget’ principle, with their default passwords makes IoT devices ‘low hanging fruit’ for hackers with the potential of being taken over by rogue interests and turned into a devastating army of botnets.

Just as the gods of mythology once exclusively governed human lives, in contemporary society we are ruled by technology. Keeping IoT and IIoT digital assets functioning properly and free from cybersecurity risks in our connected world is asvin’s core business. asvin’s multiple, award-winning solutions ensure connected products and their networks are trustworthy and remain secure throughout their lifecycles.Mirko Ross, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Cybersecurity Management Solution

At asvin, we understand the risks facing the IIoT eco-space including malicious attacks, device spoofing, and data breaches. asvin‘s singular focus is to safeguard Industry IoT (IIoT) devices from every conceivable vulnerability to maintain security and device function. We have designed and developed a secure, resilient, scalable, and seamless platform equipped with advanced cryptographic algorithms to keep networked devices protected from cyberattacks at all times. Leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT) powered by Hyperledger Fabric and peer-to-peer network storage using InterPlanetary File System protocol, asvin BeeHive cybersecurity management system provides a one-stop solution in a software as a service (SaaS) model for IoT vendors and manufacturers to facilitate the seamless delivery of IoT security patches and updates for IIoT devices. 


The successful maintenance of the Internet of Things product lifecycle is an enormous challenge. At asvin, we recognise that managing this challenge requires an unwavering commitment to security and a collaborative effort with the brightest minds in industry (IIoT) and cybersecurity research, vendors, and institutions. We’re proud of these relationships and the resulting synergies in achieving the most dynamic IoT ecosystem imaginable. 

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