At asvin we provide solutions to keep connected products trustworthy and secure during their lifecycle. This will protect our customers from harms and uncertain cybersecurity risks.Mirko Ross, Co-Founder & CEO


We all know the Gods are omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Nevertheless, the Gods also need medication every once in a while. The Asvins are twin vedic Gods of health and medicine in Hindu mythology. They are divine physicians of the Gods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to heal and safeguard the IoT devices from vulnerabilities, threats, and malicious attacks and maintain IoT security.

IoT is Mess

Since the widespread proliferation, the IoT devices have become part of our critical network. The IoT devices out there in the market are as vulnerable as useful. These devices are operated on ‘set and forget’ principle and come with default passwords. The IoT devices are ‘low hanging fruits’ for hackers and rightly so, the security attacks on IoT devices have increased exponentially. If we don’t act now, the IoT devices will be turned into a deadly army of botnets. An army which will sabotage what we love most and mark the beginning of the world ruled by machines.
High time for highly effective IoT security during the lifetime of IoT devices!

Our Solution

Industry IoT Security is essential.
asvin facilitates a one stop solution in the model of software as a service for IoT vendors and manufacturers to distribute security patches and feature updates for IoT devices. At asvin, we believe data privacy, security and integrity are of paramount importance. To transform and consolidate this belief into reality, we utilize distributed ledger technology (DLT) powered by Hyperledger Fabric and peer to peer network storage using InterPlanetary File System protocol.
We understand your concerns in IoT ecospace regarding malicious attacks, device spoofing, data theft etc. We have designed and developed a secure, resilient, scalable and seamless platform equipped with advanced cryptographic algorithms with to keep your IoT devices protected at all times from cyberattacks.
With asvin.io secure update solution we offer IoT security at the highest level !

Our Two Cents

It takes years of pain and sweat to make what we love and a snap of malicious attack to tear into pieces. asvin provides IoT Security and keeps your Iot devices protected and upto date so that you can sleep well at night.