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That was good again! The first event of the new format for cybersecurity networking was well attended and met with great interest from the local security scene and the press. The first “working meeting” now at initiator asvin in Stuttgart-Vaihingen fulfilled the expectations of all 35 participants: A good mix of “advertising block”, background information, cyber research insights from asvin CEO Mirko Ross and a lot of exchange of experiences over pizza and cold drinks. – In this way, all participants came closer to the intended goal of the community: to lift cyber security from the difficult to the easy. Knowing, not planning for a long time, and getting started quickly with clever measures against cyber threats, no matter how perfidious.

Everything is context. Without it, we don’t know what the other person is doing, what our environment is like and what actions or reactions we need to be prepared for. This is exactly what asvin has made the focus of its business in cyberspace. Context-based risk analysis, Risk-By-Context (RBC), enables security managers to identify vulnerabilities and attack patterns on software supply chains in OT environments and prioritise their defence. Fabienne Okafor, asvin sales expert, explained how this works in principle. And in which cybersec research activities asvin is currently increasing its own cyber expertise plus that of its project partners, Mirko Ross made clear. A lively discussion between guests and asvin team followed.

The takeaway from Elisa Truckenmüller, Head of Marketing & Sales at intension GmbH from Ostfildern, was the good insight into the topic of cybersecurity and especially the connection between cybersecurity and AI: “Where is the journey going? What is happening on the market? And what are the exciting development projects in the field of AI? Mirko Ross can explain that really well. That’s why I now have asvin firmly in the back of my mind as a possible contact, for cooperations or for customer enquiries.”

Stephanie Ta, Manager Business Development, Sales and Marketing at Syntlogo GmbH from Sindelfingen, has taken away as new inspiration the points of contact that other cyber security companies have with Identity & Access Management. This helps her company to better understand cyber security connections and to show them to their customers. It was refreshing for Ta how casually asvin deals with the cybersec issue: “To err is artificial (AI), not human. – Just great! So I can understand the issue of risk assessment of cyber-attacks quite differently and much better. Thank you, asvin!”

For Tim Roth, head of “IT Security Sales” at COMBACK GmbH from Oberreichenbach, impulses from dynamic companies like asvin, but also from experts from other companies, are enormously important: “The exchange with the other participants opens up new perspectives. These are indispensable to keep up with the times in the fast-moving industry.” The approach of asvin fills the mostly shamefully neglected gaps in the OT security of companies, especially in the regionally so important automotive industry. COMBACK operates a high-security data centre in the former nuclear shelter of the Baden-Württemberg government in the Black Forest. In terms of sales, Roth says, the exchange with other companies and experts from the industry is enormously important for his company.

According to Mathias Conradt, technical sales manager for the DACH region at the developer security platform, the Meetup was “a successful mix of informative presentations and spontaneous free talk slots, comparable to a barcamp.” For Conradt, who has his focus on IT application security with a focus on developers, it was interesting to learn what makes the world tick in OT (operational security) with regard to security. He will definitely be back at the next Meetups. And he would like to cooperate with the Cybersecurity Meetup in the future as part of his own Meetup series “DevSecCon” to bring the topic of cybersecurity in the Stuttgart region closer to both technicians and non-technicians.

The next Cybersecurity Region Stuttgart Meetup will take place on 18 September from 18:00 on the premises of Itemis AG in Stuttgart. Details as always in time on the platform

About asvin:

asvin GmbH is based in Stuttgart and currently has 22 employees. We develop solutions for software supply chain security. Our unique selling point is context-based risk analysis. This enables companies and public authorities to identify business-critical and operational risks due to vulnerabilities in OT environments and to prioritise protective measures. Users of asvin solutions receive real-time status data for their cybersecurity management and can act quickly and effectively – both in the event of damage, but above all proactively and with foresight. Thus, asvin supports the optimised use of resources in cyberspace and helps its customers to gain time for cyber tasks and to save costs.

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