• International security research in focus at cybersecurity provider asvin.
    • Stuttgart-based company is involved in national and international research projects for the continuous development of cyber resilience in OT and critical infrastructure.
    • An overview of asvin Labs’ current cybersecurity research will be provided at an event organised by the state initiative e-Mobil BW. The challenges and requirements for future mobility systems will be discussed there on 25 January.

Stuttgart, 24 January 2024 – According to the BDI (Federation of German Industries), electromobility is a central building block for a sustainable and resource-saving mobility system. It offers enormous opportunities for Germany as a business location. Not only the automotive industry itself, but also energy suppliers, transport companies and the public sector can benefit from the upcoming upheavals and new start-ups resulting from the digitalisation of the mobility sector. asvin supports this development with broad-based research activities in the areas of cyber security, cyber resilience and risk analysis.

The Stuttgart-based company’s contributions range from research into attacks on AI systems to the development of new concepts and methods for cyber security in low-cost charging infrastructure. The common denominator is the Stuttgart-based company’s high level of expertise in the development of AI and mathematical graph models. The company’s many years of research experience are utilised in the development and provision of new solutions for risk analysis.

The asvin solution Risk by ContextTM for context-based risk analysis, for example, is based on findings and collaborations in cutting-edge international research. Partners include the MIT in the USA and the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) in Karlsruhe. What cutting-edge technology is behind this solution? How does it work? And how do operators in critical infrastructures benefit from it? asvin CTO Rohit Bohara will be speaking at the e-Mobil BW Connects event on 25.1.24 from 2-5 pm at the Design Office Mitte in Stuttgart. Register for the livestream here:

At the event, e-Mobil BW will present the current study “Resilient Mobility in Baden Württemberg”, download on 25 January here: The paper states: “In order for systems to remain capable of change, … they must develop their ability to learn and change in a targeted manner in order to be able to use resilience as a transformative lever for a more sustainable policy.” It is precisely this adaptability that is at the heart of asvin’s product philosophy: in addition to AI, cybersecurity knowledge graphs are used to enable new ways of analysing even complex risk situations. The risk-by-context method can therefore be universally adapted to permanently changing situations.

This flexibility is being expanded with the further development of the Risk by Context method and as part of research projects at asvin Labs. The following table shows a selection of current projects in which asvin is involved:

Name Objective Partner Duration
ReSiLent The creation of a resilient charging

infrastructure for cost-efficient

operation with cyber security

over the entire life cycle.

asvin GmbH, ChargeIQ GmbH,

OTH Regensburg

1 June 2023 – 31 May. 2026
EcoMobility EcoMobility will create and

demonstrate an adaptive data-driven

framework for the development,

deployment and operation of

connected electric vehicles to

enable a digital mobility ecosystem.

A total of 44 international partners from

industry and academia,

including Siemens and Infineon.

1 June 2023 – 31 May. 2026
AutoDevSafeOps Provision of models, tools and

processes for the continuous

development of safety-critical

software for the automotive

industry – fast, reliable and

with a view to certifiability.

17 intl. Industry and university partners,

including Bosch, Hella, KIT

1 Oct. 2022 – 30 Sept. 2025
Datachainsec DATACHAINSEC aims to secure the

entire data supply chain of

AI applications in the food industry.

asvin, Tsenso, Osnabrück University of

Applied Sciences and KIT

(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

1 Aug. 2022 – 31 July 2025

Further details and information on asvin’s research activities here:

The recent partnership with the MIT spin-off CAMS (Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan, see ) and the contract awarded by the Federal Cyber Agency in the cybersecurity segment (High Security in Critical Infrastructures, ) round off asvin’s activities in modern risk analysis and sustainable cyber resilience.

About asvin: With the help of powerful technologies, asvin develops predictive solutions for the best possible resilience of OT and critical infrastructure. For this purpose, asvin uses next-generation AI, graph-based methods, so-called cybersecurity knowledge graphs, and classical topology theory. The resulting product Risk by ContextTM enables companies to stay one step ahead of threats, deploy resources efficiently and optimise security investments. asvin thus strengthens cyber resilience and protects customer systems throughout their entire lifecycle.

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