How Space Exploration and Cybersecurity Expand Our Boundaries and Unlock New Applications

Buckle up, because today I’m taking you on a fascinating journey of true pioneering work and the power of innovation. Let’s start our adventure with the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Originally developed for space navigation, it broke the boundaries of outer space and revolutionized our daily lives. At the same time, asvin, the company I work for, has its roots in the world of cybersecurity and has developed its unique Risk-by-Context solution for analyzing cyber risks. But perhaps, in the spirit of pioneering work, this innovative solution can also explore new applications in supply chain analysis. Get ready for a breathtaking adventure that demonstrates how GPS and asvin push the boundaries of our known universe!

Chapter 1: Space Exploration – Pioneering for Eternity

Imagine you’re astronauts flying in the depths of space. Surrounded by infinite darkness and unknown expanses, you are pioneers ready to break the limits of the invisible. Space exploration has always done true pioneering work, uncovering the secrets of the universe and discovering new horizons. GPS was born to assist astronauts in their missions, helping them navigate and determine their position. It laid the foundation for our journey, a groundbreaking technology.

Chapter 2: GPS – A Milestone for Humanity

But GPS didn’t stop at revolutionizing space exploration. It wanted more. It aimed to help people navigate and explore new paths on Earth. And so, GPS stormed into the world of navigation. From the streets of our cities to the remotest corners of our planet, GPS led us safely to our destinations. It opened the doors to adventures and ignited the spirit of exploration within all of us. GPS’ pioneering work expanded our boundaries and brought us closer to the unknown.

Chapter 3: asvin – Limitless in Cybersecurity

And now, we enter the territory of asvin, the fearless space rangers in the world of cybersecurity. Like the courageous space pioneers, we recognized that our solutions can go beyond traditional boundaries. Our Risk-by-Context solution, originally developed for analyzing cyber risks, has evolved. Inspired by the pioneering work of space exploration, we seek new ways to expand our expertise. Who knows, with our innovative strength, we might also pave new paths in supply chain analysis, uncovering previously undiscovered risks.

Chapter 4: From Orbit to Supply Chain – Bridging the Gap

The stories of GPS and asvin merge into an exciting adventure. Just as GPS explored the universe for us, we strive to further develop our Risk-by-Context solution and explore new application areas. Our pioneering work in cybersecurity has shown that innovation and creativity can take us beyond existing boundaries. Perhaps, in supply chain analysis, new horizons will open where our Risk-by-Context solution can provide valuable insights and approaches.


The story of GPS reminds us that we can all be pioneers. By venturing beyond the confines of our own bubble and evolving our expertise, we can make the impossible possible. It’s important to think creatively, explore new boundaries, and constantly challenge existing conventions. Just as space exploration challenges our imagination and encourages us to look beyond the horizon, we can also chart new paths in supply chain analysis. If we dare to develop innovative solutions and question established norms, we can improve the security and sustainability of our supply chains and shape a better future.

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