asvin has already received several awards as a start-up. What is the story behind this success?

Mirko Ross: Internet of Things is growing rapidly. Analysts are talking about a growth to over 125 billion networked end devices by 2025, and the problem here is the lack of security of the end devices – a large proportion of IoT devices are already equipped with outdated software and are therefore insecure. We recognized this urgent problem and developed a solution that allows manufacturers and operators to update the software in the devices secure and cost-effectively. We are very proud that we can contribute to bring future proof security to the Internet of Things industry. We are very happy as we receive a lot of recognition for this.

asvin as a name from Sanskrit for an IT service provider sounds unusual. How did this come about?

Mirko Ross: Our CTO and team member Rohit is born in India, so asvin has Indian roots.

In Sanskrit, the asvins are two divine twin brothers who are considered to be healers of the gods. We found this analogy very fitting, since we “heal” the Internet of things.

What have been the most important milestones in the first years?

Mirko Ross: The excellent team we were able to form was for sure an important milestone. Sven Rahlfs has a lot of experience in implementing complex software projects and Rohit Bohara is an expert in embedded hardware and blockchain development. I am contributing by my experience and the network from the cyber security area. And last we have investors and pilot customers who trust our idea, the team and the products.

What are you particularly proud of so far?

Mirko Ross: Our team is working together perfectly and we have succeeded in getting our mission spread around the globe – from Stuttgart and Davos to Dubai and Tok.

A good idea quickly finds imitators. What gives asvin the edge over future competitors?

Mirko Ross: Cyber risks and Cyberattacks are evolving rapidly. At asvin we have a strong research and development. Speed, innovation and a good team makes asvin a strong solution.

How do you estimate the growth in the IoT sector and thus for asvin in the coming years?

Mirko Ross: Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things a future major topic. In addition to a growing demand in the industry, the legal framework for enforcing better product safety is changing worldwide. This is happening with the Cybersecurity Act in Europe but also in other regions such as the USA and China. We cover this, as asvin can also help companies to meet the upcoming regulatory requirements.