asvin has been selected by Westfalen Weser Netz as the open source solution platform for IoT device management at the Open Data Portal Paderborn. The asvin solution will take care of the lifecycle and update management of IoT devices operating in the smart city project of Paderborn in cooperation with Westfalen Weser Netz.

The city of Paderborn is setting up an Open Data Portal based on IoT Sensors connected via LoRa in The Things Network and a Data Hub on Fireware smart city platform. The complete solution stack is based on open source principles. asvin will complement this system architecture as building block for IoT Security, IoT Device Management and Device Monitoring.

Furthermore, asvin will provide services for secure update and patch distribution over the air for LoRa devices and sensors on specific use cases of the smart city Paderborn. On the device management of the LoRa infrastructure we are looking forward the cooperation with Minol-ZENNER Group.