Cyber Attacks on IOT Devices

The cyber attacks on IoT devices have accelerated unprecedentedly.
F-Secure security researchers are sounding the alarm.
In the first half of 2019, there were already over 2.9 billion attacks.
This is a tripling of cyber attacks on HoneyPots.

As the number of IoT devices in use worldwide increases, so does the attack surface.
But first and foremost, the devices simply offer no or inadequate protection against cyber attacks.
Insufficient security levels and massive security gaps make the devices susceptible to cyber attacks.
Not only printers, VOIP telephones or other IoT devices are at risk, but also medical and control devices are affected.
Those responsible for the cyber attacks come primarily from China and Russia.
F-Secure admitted that the honey pots have been improved, but there is no doubt that cyber attacks are on the increase.
Bots, scripts and malware are being developed for large-scale attacks.
So the attacks can come not only from the connected computer, but also from a malware infected Smartwatch or the IoT toothbrush.

The big problem: IoT devices go on sale and are therefore no longer available to the company. IoT devices are not subject to the same security standards as other corporate assets.
Binding safety standards are still missing.
To protect IoT devices from ransomware and cryptoming, they need regular security updates.
Unfortunately this is still not standard and companies are still not obliged to equip their products accordingly.
It is high time to act ! supports manufacturers to securely operate networked devices via updates and patches.

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