We are very pleased to be able to welcome Jennifer Bodenseh as a new member of our Advisory Board.
Jennifer Bodensee is CFO of Chrono24 GmbH and MPN Marketplace Networks GmbH in Karlsruhe.

You can find out how Jennifer came to know us in this interview: 

How did you come to asvin?

Holger Felgner, currently Co-CEO at Chrono24, connected asvin CEO Mirko Ross and me. Mirko and I were immediately in dialogue. The direct and lively dialogue prompted me to accept the offer to join the Advisory Board. At asvin, you can tell from the very first second that this company has big plans.

Why asvin, what unique selling points, esprit… does this company have?

Cybersecurity along the digital process chain is a huge topic everywhere. The enthusiastic management team makes a convincing case that there is an urgent need for action, especially when it comes to risk management in industrial environments. And that there is a billion-euro business waiting to be tapped into. In my opinion, Asvin has great international growth opportunities.

What appeals to you about this collaboration?

I can support the company in the current scale-up phase and in upcoming financing rounds. In doing so, I will challenge the commercial transparency, but also bring to bear my experience in dealing with companies that are part of the KRITIS infrastructure. What particularly attracts me to asvin is that international growth is also on the cards.

What have been your own professional highlights so far?

It is always fascinating to get companies out of the red and grow profitably. You can experience at first hand how commitment and motivation increase when everyone is on a successful course. What I enjoy most is coaching managers and employees to achieve top performance.