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The Cybersec Forum/Expo on 22. 06. 2023 in Katowice, Poland, is one of the central cybersecurity conferences in Europe with around 1,200 Expert:in participants. An integral part of the forum is the “Access-2-Market” competition, where innovative startups and scaleups from Europe present their companies and concepts. asvin CTO Rohit Bohara will present the unique “Risk-by-Context” method for risk management in OT environments there on June 22.

Context-based risk analysis, a threat visualization software that operates with mathematical graph models, can be used to detect attempted attacks on software supply chains and evaluate their vulnerability relationships. This enables OT security managers to identify risks in a timely manner, prioritize them, and remediate them in a resource-efficient manner.

Since the start of Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine and the accompanying intensification of political and economic conflicts, state-organized cyberattacks from autocratically controlled countries have increased significantly. Such attacks are particularly well-placed on complex software supply chains that have never been fully monitored until now. Asvin software makes them visible and controllable, including their network interconnections.

The “Access-2-Market” session with eleven participating companies will take place on the Innovation Stage at the International Congress Center Katowice from 11:00 to 13:00. Afterwards, the organizer will announce the winners of the “ECSO CISO Choice Award”. The theme of this year’s forum is “Partnerships for Cyber Resilience.” The initiators want to strengthen the cyber security of critical infrastructures, integrate the Ukrainian cyber sector into the European and global markets, and last but not least trigger investments. The latter in digitization projects, in combating disinformation threats, and in ensuring supply chain security. Info on “Risk-by-Context” here:

Info on the event here:

About asvin: asvin GmbH, based in Stuttgart, Germany, currently has 22 employees. We develop solutions for software supply chain security. Our unique selling point is context-based risk analysis. This enables CISOs to identify business-critical vulnerabilities on devices or segments in OT environments and prioritize protective measures. This not only saves effort and costs. Companies receive real-time status data for their cybersecurity management and can act quickly and effectively – both in the event of damage, but above all proactively and with foresight.

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