SPS organiser mesago launches year-round information series  SPS Technology Talks

Top topic: Predictive risk analysis in automation

In the very first session of the new “SPS Technology Talks” information format on 25 January 2020, asvin CEO Mirko Ross provided information on new methods for risk management in operational technology (OT) environments. Increasingly threatening security situations in critical infrastructure can only be countered with a bold change of perspective in cyber defence. “We need to switch from reactive to predictive. With modern risk prediction software, this is definitely feasible today,” says Ross, putting the new approach to cyber security on the agenda for all automation specialists.

Predicting security incidents is possible with a fundamentally new technology developed by asvin GmbH from Stuttgart. It recognises security-relevant connections between elements of the digital supply chain in OT environments and makes them visible. In the visualisation, the software displays affected segments, suggests fixing steps and enables the simulation of solving scenarios. What do I do with 100,000 euros to increase my resilience? Update all existing computers to the latest operating system version, including hardware purchases? Or change the network segmentation? “Risk by ContextTM software from asvin can evaluate these and countless other analysis variants using simulation.

Using data from the Ukrainian power grid, for example, asvin research at MIT has simulated what would be the most likely cyber incident based on the topology there. And how the grid could be restarted most quickly after an attack. The result of this and other simulations at MIT was that diversification and decentralised, intelligent distribution of measures are important. This leads to significantly better resilience than centralised models. How does risk analysis pay off for every company by visualising, simulating and implementing cyber resilience steps with sophisticated technology? Asvin will be demonstrating this not only at SPS from 12-14 November in Nuremberg. But at any time via https://asvin.io/