Welcome, Franziska! 

Franziska Leonhardt is the founder of AVE & YOU and managing director of MetricsCosmetics GmbH and DGE Digitised German Engineering GmbH and will actively support us with her experience and expertise. 

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How did you get involved with asvin?

I came across asvin through the founding of AVE & YOU, a company with a technology-related focus on mathematical optimisation and AI-supported applications in the self-care sector. Through regular exchanges with business partners about new technologies in the market, I was recommended by one of our partners, Tubex, led by Leopold Werdich, to Dr Janos Oszvald, Advisory Board member at asvin. This led to an initial meeting. And after several discussions with asvin founder Mirko Ross, I was very interested in supporting the company in its further scale-up and contributing my experience in technology and growth.

Why asvin? What makes this company stand out with unique selling points or esprit?

The opportunity to support a German player instead of a US competitor and to effectively contribute to the scaling of “Security made in Germany” immediately fascinated me. In the coming years, it will be crucial for Germany and Europe to reduce dependencies, position their own companies and be represented on the global market with European cyber security software.

What appeals to you about this collaboration?

After many years of involvement in technology and digital business models, I have an extensive network and knowledge in the area of scale-up that I would like to contribute. As a founder, I have overcome many problems and challenges that are also relevant for other teams and start-ups. I therefore hope to use my experience to provide the asvin team with the best possible support on its current path.

What have been your own professional highlights so far?

Basically, I enjoy gaining a wide range of experience. My highlights include the IPO of Rocket Internet in 2014, the establishment of digital business models and a corporate venture fund at Kloeckner in 2017 and my own start-ups since 2018. Since 2021, I have also been sharing the valuable insights I have gained with students at the DBU Digital Business University in Berlin, where I hold a professorship for digital entrepreneurship.