We are very pleased that Dagmar Zoder has agreed to join our Advisory Board.
Dagmar, we welcome you!
Dagmar is the head of enterprise sales at Adobe and a member of the management board of Adobe Central Europe.
We are very much looking forward to her expertise!

Learn more about Dagmar in this interview:

When did you join the asvin Advisory Board? 

I joined at the beginning of November 2023. I came into contact with asvin through Dr Janos Oszvald from EY Law, who fortunately sparked my interest in this exciting security company. I immediately felt I was on the same wavelength as the founder and CEO Mirko Ross and we had plenty to talk about straight away. I liked that.

Why asvin, what unique selling points or esprit does this company have?

Firstly, of course, the topic itself: cyber attacks have become a serious threat to companies, authorities and societies, and new tools, methods and approaches are urgently needed to defend against them. The methods used by attackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. This calls for companies like asvin that really understand this challenge and provide the appropriate products. The Stuttgart-based company is the world’s only provider of an automated, graph-based solution for risk analysis in industrial OT environments. And, just as importantly, the people: Employees and management are competent, successful, visionary and committed across the board. So it’s doubly rewarding to bring the important topic of cyber awareness into the boardroom.

What excites you about this collaboration?

I’m really looking forward to contributing my experience and knowledge of go-to-market & sales to support asvin’s growth. This is one of the most exciting phases of a company, characterised by growth and constant change.

What have been your own professional highlights so far?

I have been lucky enough to work in the IT industry for over 20 years. I have worked in many different sales and management positions at large companies and experienced far-reaching technological changes. I have supported well-known players in driving their digital transformations end-to-end from back-end to front-end. Requirements, responsibilities and strategies for this have changed fundamentally in some cases. These insights are valuable for the introduction of new solutions, for expansion and for the design of optimised go-to-market strategies.