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Achieving Cybersecurity for IIoT Assets in Space

asvin BeeHive IoT device management customisable OTA and DLT audit support

With the successful landing and exploration on Mars, space is once again commanding our attention and dominating conversations. Yet for all the technical expertise required to place these assets in space, as well as the fact that almost all critical infrastructures rely upon space systems, the industry vertical has not kept apace with other high-tech industries to mitigate cybersecurity risks due to physical inaccessibility and other unique challenges. Not confined to the operation of a rover on Mars, there are more than 70,000 Low Earth Orbit micro-satellites already, or scheduled to deploy; the uninterrupted and secure functionality of these will demand Over-The-Air (OTA) innovation to update their off-the-shelf software, provide security patches and isolate vulnerable devices so that remediation efforts can be addressed.



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