Currently, Access control systems are mainly based on user identification using Smart cards (with chip) or Contactless cards (RFID). In other cases are also used biometric systems such as fingerprints or PIN codes. But these identification systems have privacy and security issues: user authentication in an access control system, such as loss of the card, data breaches, cloning of cards, disclosure of access PIN to another person, etc. In this context, our solution aims to solve most of the problems that current access control systems have, using innovative solutions and avoiding direct user interaction with access control through de Disposable Identity Framework.

Core Components

The are 3 core components in the DIAC project.



DID Mobile App

It helps users to create account, generate disposable id, and communicate with the Access Control Terminal. It is written using ionic framework.

Access Control Terminal

It controls access to a doors. It is equipped with BLE, RFID and WiFi communication protocols.

DID Platform

It supports the did generation and validation services. It consists of DID backend, database and blockchain node.

Control flow

  • User installs the DIAC Mobile App and register itself
  • User request to DIAC Backend Server to generate disposable id
  • The Backend server generates an ID, register in ledger and return to the Mobile App
  • User shares the id using the App to the Access Terminal using BLE
  • The Access terminal verifies the id with help of the Backend Server and open door