Besides a fantastic product, asvin also has its eyes and ears open in important political bodies and industrial associations. Until now, Rob van Kranenburg has held this position alone. Now he is receiving competent support from Gaelle le Gars, who here faces our admittedly somewhat unusual questions. – And in doing so, she demonstrates not only her competence but also her sense of humour.

Whats your conceptional continuity?

The world needs as many creative thinking problem solvers as we can muster.

What is your association when you hear the name asvin?

Two sets of bright Green shoes worn by two people who managed to grow 50cm taller than me.

Why did you say “Yes!” when someone asked you: do you wanna work with us?

Because I was already thoroughly impressed by everyone at Asvin I had worked with on a proposal earlier.quick thinkers with beautiful collective game as you say in football.

What are you going to do for us?

I will be your ears and voice in Brussels

How are you going to be an awesome collegue?

I will read every relevant piece of legislation, every regulatory document   and every report or white paper you send my way  and distill the gold nuggets for you…