Digital Heimat Paderborn ( representing one of Germany’s Smart Cities lighthouse regions. By that, smart service are rolled out to optimize citizen services and sustainability with support of Internet of Things (IoT). The majority of IoT devices are connected via a LoRaWAN® low power network infrastructure provided by The Things Network and Westfalen Weser Netze ( IoT devices are distributed on wide range and different applications over the entire region. The onboarding and management of the IoT device fleet must be done secure and reliable via remote services.

In this case study we show how to organize remote management, mass configuration and OTA patch management for LoRa Devices by asvin Beehive, asvin Ant Street and asvin Eagle Eye.

asvin provides essential tools and service to maintain the LoRaWAN® powered IoT device fleets: secure protocols for onboarding new devices, procedures for whitelisting or blacklisting devices from pushing data into the Open Data Platform via public LoRaWAN® network infrastructure.

Download the case study: