Bee Hive

control center for all your cybersecurity tasks

Manage all your cybersecurity tasks on one central place,

to secure your software supply chain

As a business operating critical or safety-relevant IoT applications or connected devices such as

automotive, energy, and industry 4.0, you understand the importance of controlling and analyzing security

procedures and management for the software running on your products.

This can be a complex task, especially when dealing with complex software supply chains and n-Tier supplier

ecosystems over the entire lifecycles of devices. Thats where asvin comes in.

We support vendors and operators like you in fulfilling regulatory cybersecurity requirements and maintaining

integrity, trust, and transparency in your software-related processes and pipelines.

So, what is BeeHive?

asvin BeeHive is your central cybersecurity management
(CSMS) where all the strands come together.

In a clear and user-friendly dashboard, you can control, manage,and monitor all tools and tasks, giving you complete visibility andcontrol to secure your software supply chain, CI/CD pipelines andupdate-processes.

And finally, it is also the home of your complete account, whereyou can manage the asvin services you booked.

simply manage your
Assets/Fleet and
OTA Updates

Manage, analyze and prioritize threats and risks according to the risk-by-context principle

Handling and evaluation
Software Bills of Material (SBOM)

Track the History of your CI/CD Pipelines along the  Software Supplychain


Higher reliability

than existing centralised

system architectures

Cost savings

in operations and reduction

of recall efforts by 37%²

through improved

Over the Air (OTA) updates

2) source:



save time and resources in


required security standards.

For Example UNECE WP.29 or

UNECE R155, R156, R157 in

automotive, EU NIS2 and RCE

for critical infrastructure or the

Cyber Resilience Act for

connected devices



on software assets and their

origins, to perform automated

vulnerabiltiy scans across

large fleets and assets using

DLT and smart contracts

based on direct information

from n-tier suppliers.

Our solution is built on a distributed ledger-based

technology. This allows you to record software bill

of materials, track and trace all software-related

processes, and document them in a regulatory

compliant manner. Additionally, we also provide

novel graph tools for software supplier risk

analytics to help you make informed decisions.

You and your company are more than aware of the

importance of managing the cybersecurity and

provenance of your software supply chains, which is

what led you to asvin in the first place. The task can

be complex and time-consuming, but here comes

asvin into play. We offer tools to help you to solve

tasks, such as services to record software bill of

materials, track software-related processes,

document them in a regulatory compliant manner,

and provide novel graph tools for supplier risk


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