MITCIO Symposium 2024 Press Release

MIT CIO Symposium with asvin-participation

  • Stuttgart-based asvin GmbH was the only company from the EU to be named one of the top 10 most innovative young companies in 2024 by the MIT Sloan School.
  • In mid-May, cyber security thought leader asvin will present its cyber risk management solutions to top US CIOs at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.

Identifying and prioritising risks helps solve the cyber dilemma

Stuttgart, Cambridge, MA, USA, May 2024 – Too complex, too time-consuming, too expensive and ultimately not watertight. – Cybersecurity, so its nimbus, is Sisyphean work. Despite its urgency, the goal of sustainable resilience in cyberspace seems increasingly diAicult to achieve, even in the USA. asvin provides orientation and improvement. Innovative risk analysis and built-in prioritisation make cyber threats manageable.

How companies should position themselves when redefining their rules of conduct, precautions and defences against cyber threats is now the topic of a top event for IT and OT security managers in mid-May at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA. Cyber risk analysis specialist asvin is significantly involved. The Stuttgart- based company will be taking part in the Innovation Showcase of the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium for the first time in mid-May. Alongside nine other finalists, asvin is the only EU company to have the unique opportunity to present its concept and products in person to some of the world’s most creative and influential IT executives on 14 May. A list of the start-ups also presenting is attached.

asvin’s innovative methodology for risk analysis and prioritisation was initially driven by Prof. Dr Rapahel Yahalom, MIT CAMS Fellow and Lead Security Researcher at asvin Labs. It utilises new mathematical graph models coupled with state information from OT environments for the unique description of contextual situations. The closer the proximity of a potentially hacked sensor to a critical machine or system, the shriller the alarm. The solution developed by asvin clearly shows all those responsible for security the priority of rectifying precisely the cyber problem that threatens to bring production to a standstill. In combination, according to industry experts, this is a previously unavailable solution obered only by asvin that rethinks cyber security.

According to asvin CEO Mirko Ross, risk analysis and prioritisation today provide the essential basis for preventive and reactive measures in the increasingly aggressive cyberspace: “Risk by Context™ provides an in-depth, dynamic analysis of current processes in the company’s OT. And at the same time a context analysis to prioritise the most critical threats to business operations.” The ebect: Overview plus prioritisation for better resilience to cyber attacks. The benefit: Keeping an eye on all cyber risks, being able to tackle the most important ones first and being able to maintain business operations even in the event of a cyber attack. The economic advantage: Despite limited resources and a shortage of skilled labour, being able to manage the risks in cyberspace and deploy resources for cyber security in a targeted manner.

About asvin:

Using powerful technologies, asvin develops predictive solutions for the best possible resilience of OT and critical infrastructure. For this purpose, asvin uses next-generation AI, graph-based methods, so-called cybersecurity knowledge graphs, and classical topology theory. The resulting asvin product Risk by Context™ enables companies to stay one step ahead of threats. They can prioritise, deploy resources ebiciently and optimise security investments. asvin thus strengthens cyber resilience and protects customer systems over their entire life cycle.

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