On 24 and 25 May 2023, asvin developer Karsten Klöss contributed his expertise to the pioneering EU research project “EcoMobility”. The objective of the three-year project for new mobility solutions, which was initiated at the beginning of March 2023, is the development of technologies for highly automated vehicles as well as for new business models in the electromobility and software-defined vehicles (SDV) segments. The project will provide a methodology and tools for in-vehicle and cloud-based services. asvin is contributing its “Risk-by-Context” model, which enables risk assessments in vehicles. The 44 project participants want to close technological gaps and provide new user functions. In addition, EcoMobility will deliver future electronic components and systems (ECS) to cope with increasing system complexity and high connectivity requirements.

asvin’s mission is to add significant value to the SDV in securing software-related processes in the automotive industry. Software architectures, processes and business models in the entire supply chain of the automotive industry and in electromobility are currently undergoing massive change. Cyber security and regulatory compliance are therefore becoming prerequisites for upcoming transformations. In order to be able to react adequately to the increasing regulatory pressure in particular, the project aims to develop new technological foundations for securing software processes in supply chains that can be linked to the need for cybersecurity management systems (CSMS) of new vehicle generations. In order to achieve this, asvin aims to achieve the following five scientific and technical objectives:

  • New insights into the technical and methodological needs regarding data acquisition in CSMS processes for the Software-Defined-Vehicle within complex supply chains.
  • New insights into technological solutions that enable CSMS-relevant data and processes along the software supply chain to be captured and made available for forensics and regulatory documentation.
  • The development of technical interfaces (APIs), methods and algorithms that allow data along the software supply chain to be securely captured and processed in a tamper-proof manner.
  • Testing of the R&D results for regulatory conformity and presentation of the feasibility (via a demonstrator) for the automotive industry.
  • Communication of the project results within the research community and automotive industry for evaluation.

For questions on project content and progress, we are happy to arrange interviews with asvin CEO and automotive security expert Mirko Ross.
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About asvin: asvin GmbH is based in Stuttgart and currently has 22 employees. We develop solutions for software supply chain security. Our unique selling point is context-based risk analysis. This enables CISOs to identify business-critical vulnerabilities on devices or segments in OT environments and prioritise protective measures. This not only saves effort and costs. Companies receive real-time status data for their cybersecurity management and can act quickly and effectively – both in the event of damage, but above all proactively and with foresight.

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Konrad Buck, asvin GmbH

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