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Software Transparency, Cybersecurity, Compliance for Telecom

asvin cybersecurity management CSMS platform mitigates the threat landscape

The complex supply chain in telecom is vulnerable to cyberattacks by criminals and advanced state-sponsored attackers as a result creating and maintaining trust that network equipment and operations are cybersecure has become business critical. The need has never been greater for solutions to address the broad spectrum of customer concerns as well as comply with regulatory frameworks demanding the implementation of higher levels of security, risk management and monitoring.

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Rob`s Ressources No.5: The true test of AI

Our desire for transformation makes us vulnerable to the uncritical use or rejection of AI. But beware of AIs that morph into application-friendly mechanical Turks for the benefit of their providers! Can AI blush? Only then can we speak of a knowledge of a vulnerable self. Confusing? No AI understanding has fallen from the sky yet. Take your time with it. But take it. Because if you don't, the AI will take it from you.

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